what is special about the black forest in germany?

Wellnesshotel im Schwarzwald mit Therme zum Wellnessurlaub

what is special about the black forest in germany?

If you have a busy everyday life, you need a break and a moment of relaxation from time to time. You don’t have to go around the world by plane. Holidays in Germany are an excellent alternative, especially in moments like these, when environmental awareness is growing and the corona pandemic still has many countries under control. Traveling in Europe has many advantages. The environment is less polluted by CO2-heavy air travel, the journey takes comparatively less time and can be done comfortably and safely by train or with your own vehicle. In addition even the less adventurous when it comes to culinary delights are guaranteed to find their happiness.

You will hardly believe what great opportunities, breathtaking landscapes and luxurious wellness offers can be found right around the corner in your home. Even those who have few days off and have to do the calculation with a full schedule, will find the ideal opportunity for a wellness weekend in the Black Forest, where beautiful landscapes meet with incomparable leisure activities.

Large parts of the Black Forest are designated as a nature park. Picturesque landscapes, crystal-clear lakes and fairytale mountains invite you to go cycling, mountain biking, trekking or just to go for a walk. Since it is often quite steep, a trip on an e-bike can be interesting for the less sporty cyclists or for those who want to take it easy. In winter there is no shortage of offers for winter sports. Skiing, snowboarding or cross-country skiing, where visitors to the Black Forest can fully enjoy the magical mountains.

Mountain railways are also a magnet in summer for those who want to reach their destination in the mountains comfortably and at the same time want to admire breathtaking views.

The cities in the Black Forest also have a lot to offer and attract visitors with charm and a wide range of offers for every taste. Architecturally interesting inner cities alternate with medieval castle ruins and there is always something to see in theaters and museums. You shouldn’t miss the Black Forest capital Freiburg, which with its historic inner city wins the hearts of visitors.

Wellness in the Black Forest

After such an exciting day there is nothing better than to really relax. Places are specially designed for this, so that the guest feels absolutely comfortable and can let go. Nowhere is it more specialized than in the wellness hotel in the Black Forest. Thermal baths, saunas and massages are only a small part of the recreational offer, which you can of course also find in Bad Wildbad. In the Kneipp area and water aerobics, you can find the right dose of activity even while relaxing and take care of your own body.

Wrapped in a soft bathrobe, enjoying the calm and not having to worry about anything, except whether you prefer to go to the sauna first or doze off beforehand, can be an excellent day’s work in itself.

In the hotel in the Black Forest, guests feel so comfortable that they are happy to come for a wellness weekend to spend a few days in the wellness hotel in the Black Forest and simply forget the rest of the world. Sometimes you just want to be calm, recharge your batteries, find relaxation and be pampered. There are hardly any comparative offers anywhere else, such as in the hotels in the Black Forest, where you have been experts for years to guarantee guests the most pleasant experience during their stay.


Spas and thermal water have a long tradition, especially in Bad Wildbad in the Black Forest. The range of relaxation is just as great as that for the numerous leisure activities. This creates a perfect balance between relaxation and action. There is really something for everyone. Both young couples and seniors can enjoy the offer to the fullest and there is also plenty of entertainment for families with children.
The gourmet aspect of a vacation in the Black Forest should not be neglected. There are enough culinary highlights that can delight the palate and should not be missed by the guests. Cheese, Black Forest ham (which you can find on our breakfast buffet) and regional bakeries attract special attention. The queen of the Black Forest cuisine is, without question, the “Black Forest cherry cake”. Known far beyond the borders of the region, it is the cake par excellence that unites everything the gourmet desires: chocolate cake, cream and sour cherries, which meet in an irresistibly creamy mixture. It is no coincidence that this cake has become famous worldwide.

Whether your vacation is primarily leisure, sport, culture or culinary delights, you should not miss your spa in the Black Forest, to come back from your stay relaxed and full of fresh energy and start your day like newborn.

We are looking forward to your visit!

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