Wellness "Palais Thermal"

The healing thermalwater waters of Bad Wildbad are famous beyond the borders for its beneficial properties.
But nowhere does our thermal water heal and relax more beautifully than in this wellness temple (textil free).

Accordingly, the Palais Thermal is not only one of the “oldest wellness areas, it is also one of the most exclusive and most distinctive bathing and sauna areas in Europe”(Quelle: Wikipedia)

Enjoy insights into a breathtaking spa, as you could not be more impressive and already look forward to relaxation
and recreation in the Black Forest.

Wellness and relaxation for the senses – experience our hotel as a unit with the Palais Thermal.
By clicking on the links, the areas open in the virtual tour above.

10 Thermalpools von 32 – 38 °C
5 Finnish Saunas
Roman steam bath
Thermal Water outdoor pool with sun deck
Thermal Water Massage pools
Thermal Water Whirlpools
Plunge pool
Kneipp Basin
Relaxation Rooms
Bistro in the “Maurish Hall”

Every hour Sauna Tisanerie (Plan as PDF-File)

… and a lot of more…

Included in all room rates:
The free and unrestricted entry into the “Palais Thermal” (except on the day of departure) through our bathrobe access in the building “Badhotel”. It is normal that the guests of the building “Rossini” cross the “Kurplatz” in a bathrobe.

On the day of arrival the Palais Thermal can be used, regardless of the room ready for occupancy,
already from 12.00 clock.

Monday – Friday

11.00 am – 10.00 pm (bathtime 9.30 pm)

Saturday + Sunday
10.00 am – 10.00 pm (bathtime 9.30 pm)

For our hotel guests the the “Blaue Bad” opens every day from 08.00 am.

Feel free to have a look at the treatmens of the “Palais Thermal”

About the Thermal water in Bad Wildbad

Bad Wildbad in the Black Forest is known for its thermal water.

It is mainly used for external application.
The healing spring water flows both in the “Vital Therme” and in the “Palais Thermal”.

Every day, about twelve liters per second from the spring are transported to the earth’s surface at a temperature of about 35 to 42 ° Celsius. Probably unique is that both spas are supplied with fresh thermal water within one day.

According to the recognized German “Classification for medicinal waters”, our thermal water is called the fluoride-containing sodium-calcium-chloride-bicarbonate acratotherm.

The secret? The mixture of soothing warmth and rich minerals. See for yourself!

P.S .: Did you know that the “healing” thermal water can also be drunk?
(recommended maximum amount: 1 liter per day)