Construction project “Palais Thermal” in 2024

Therme Schwarzwald mit Sauna Wellnesshotel in Bad Wildbad

“Palais Thermal” in 2024

In the coming year 2024, a renovation measure will be carried out in the “Palais Thermal” thermal spa connected to us: The pipe shafts that supply the basins and pools in the historic area must be renovated.

To do this, it is necessary to partially decommission the small thermal water pools in the historic area“, which means they will not be available during the renovation period from March 4th to around October 2024.

All other areas are not affected by this. Still open are therefore:

  • The entire outside deck with thermal water outdoor pool
  • The “Blue Bath” with thermal water (open daily from 08.00 a.m. for our hotel guests) including the “meditation sauna”.
  • The bistro in the “Maurischen Halle”
  • The complete massage and cosmetic offer
  • The complete sauna area with hourly sauna infusions
    • Tepidarium (Biosauna) (50°C / 50% Luftfeuchtigkeit)
    • Zirbelsauna (80°C)
    • Finnish dry sauna (95°C)
    • Meditation sauna (75°)
    • Finnish infusion sauna (90°C)
    • Panoramic sauna (80°C)
    • Black Forest sauna (70°C)
    • Roman steam bath (45°C)
  • Relaxation rooms
  • Marble plunge pool, ice fountain, Kneipp foot basin, solarium
  • Ice Lounge

In the virtual tour of the “Palais Thermal” thermal spa there is the menu item “Historischer Bereich” – all areas listed under this menu item (except “Cafeteria” and “Maurische Halle”) are affected.

As a bonus, there is a long sauna night every Friday from March to October every 14 days, during which the “Palais Thermal” can be used until midnight at no extra charge. At the beginning of the month, this long sauna night is combined with events with different themes.

If you have any questions, we are happy to help you!

Source: Staatsbad Wildbad Bäder- und Kurbetriebsgesellschaft mbH
in January 2024